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 "Every single lesson is tailored to the specific student, and she picks and chooses exercises that perfectly suit you in both singing and piano. It is clear that she loves what she is doing and she wants you to succeed, and that motivation really kept me going through some hard pieces. She doesn't just teach you how to play the piano or sing a song, she teaches you how to be a performer, a skill that will be useful for years to come."

Kevin Stovich, 8th Grade Student at WVMS

"Watching AeJa work with our daughter has been such an incredible experience. Her patience and her ability to take raw, wild and untamed talent and sculpt it to become something of immense beauty was far beyond what we could have expected. AeJa has a gentle and direct teaching style which incorporates music and vocal theory, dedicated work, lots of love and fun!"

Shelley Swapp

 "You have done so much for me as a performer, and as a student.Teachers like you are the reason I love the arts, because you are so dedicated to what you teach. You always rooted for me behind the stage, helped me reach my performance goals, and helped me to find the confidence to be a star on-stage. I accomplished so much because of your direction and support."

Chantel Stelliga

"In the short time I have spent taking lessons with Mrs. AeJa, we have accomplished so much. In the beginning of just my first lesson with her, we distinguished a goal, and have been working towards it ever since. She has a pristine knowledge of music theory and ways to exercise the voice for maximum growth. I enjoy seeing her every week. I admire her patience and respect her motivative teaching style."

Mary Majors

"You brought Ms Lexi to a whole new level — encouraging her to sing first in a group, GLO, and then on her own — knowing just what she needed. Fast forward two years and she has her own songs! Would never have happened without your support and encouragement. An experience she will remember for a lifetime (me too!)."
Kathie D’Avolio

"We love you! You share your talents and inspire your students to love music. Zachary sang his first solo in the Jr. High Choir and you will be so happy when you hear him play the piano! Mackenzie continues to bless those around her with singing. She and couple of other missionaries performed for Elder and Sister Christofferson in Puerto Rico. You laid the foundation for which we will always be grateful."

Terry Davis

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