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About AeJa Mortensen

AeJa believes her calling in life is to help others reach their dreams.

AeJa has been involved in music education and artistic performance development for more than twenty-six years.  She has extensive experience as an elementary and middle school music teacher, music director, piano teacher, voice teacher, glee club director and musical theater director.  She currently teaches voice, piano and glee club performing groups at her three studios in San Jose. AeJa has a passion for performing arts and specializes in helping singers find their voice and sing freely, smoothly and in a healthy way by using the “mix” technique. 

She can help you prepare for auditions, competitions and other performances. She can  teach many styles of piano music, and her students have the opportunity to play songs from many genres in addition to their basic lessons and theory.  She thoroughly enjoys watching her students grow into playing more difficult pieces.

As a talent scout with a proven success record for Nova Model & Talent Scout and a mother agent for Launch Showcase, AeJa provides connections and opportunities for those with big dreams.

AeJa began to study classical piano at the age of ten. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a double major in business and international relations, she studied voice science with the International Voice Teacher of Mix and is an Accredited Teacher of Mix Singing (IVTOM).   She is also  certified with the John Henny Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy (CVTA). She believes in constant and continuous learning and is excited to share her knowledge with her students!

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