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Find the Music in You

AeJa Mortensen specializes in helping her students reach their highest potential through her piano and voice lessons and her Glee Club performing groups. 


In-Person or Online

Lessons Available



AeJa Mortensen

AeJa has been involved in music education and artistic performance development for more than twenty-six years.  She has extensive experience as a school music teacher, music director, piano teacher, voice teacher, glee club director and musical theater director.

AeJa studied voice science with the International Voice Teacher of Mix and is an Accredited Teacher of Mix Singing.   She is also  certified with the John Henny Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy. She has  a double major in business and international relations from Brigham Young University.

As a talent scout for Nova Model & Talent Scout and a mother agent for Launch Showcase, she provides connections and opportunities for those with big dreams.

AeJa believes her calling in life is to help others to reach their dreams.  

Piano Lessons

AeJa has been teaching piano for more than twenty-six years in three different studio locations in San Jose. She uses Alfred music books for lessons and music theory, but her students aren’t limited to just one type of music.  They are free to explore classical, pop, jazz, rock, Disney and Broadway – and then choose the type of music they would like to play at the recital. Watching them shine on stage and seeing how far they’ve come is AeJa's reward!

Online lessons available.


AeJa has a passion for the performing arts and specializes in helping singers find their voice.  She will teach you to sing freely and smoothly in a healthy way, and she will help you to increase your vocal range, build your vocal strength, and mix your voice smoothly from chest voice to head voice using the ‘mix’ technique.

As an artist development specialist, AeJa has the training to help you take your performance to the next level. She will help you with vocal styles, stage presence, and confidence while performing. She can also help you prepare for auditions, competitions and other performances.


Lessons are specifically designed for each individual according to age, ability, personality, and style and are recorded during each session along with practice instructions. AeJa also teaches lessons via FaceTime, Skype or other technology to reach you anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home.

Online lessons are available.

Glee club Performing groups

& Group Lessons

AeJa has a passion for the performing arts and has been directing Glee Club Performing Groups for more than a decade.  

There are three Glee Club performing groups:  

  • age 7-11 

  • age 12-18 

  • age 19+ 

Each group has six or more singers. They will learn light choreography, sing in harmony, and perform some solo parts as well.  Lessons are specifically designed for singers to have fun learning and performing at various venues. AeJa will prepare the groups for auditions, competitions and other performances. 

Sommer Swapp

Sommer Swapp

Watching AeJa work with our daughter has been such an incredible experience. Her patience and her ability to take raw, wild and untamed talent and sculpt it to become something of immense beauty was far beyond what we could have expected. AeJa has a gentle and direct teaching style which incorporates music & vocal theory, dedicated work, lots of love and fun!


Chantal Stelliga

"You are the reason I love the arts, because you are so dedicated to what you teach. You always rooted for me behind the stage, helped me reach my performance goals, and helped me to find the confidence to be a star on-stage."


Alexis Di'Avolio

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this incredible growth, confidence, and newly discovered talent would not have happened had it not been for Ms. AeJa Mortensen.  I share our experience to emphasize the extra steps Ms. AeJa will go to help a child grow, develop and shine. 


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