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You bright Ms Lexi to a whole new level — encouraging her to sing - - first in a group “GLO” then on her own — knowing just what she needed. Fast forward 2 years and she has her ow songs! Would never have happened without your support and encouragement. An experience she will remember for a lifetime(me too!)
— Kathie D’Avolio

Your talent and heart are truly inspiring. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you plus you give really good hugs! — Richard Fuentes

So tonight.. some of my students, along with my son, performed at the WVMS
rendition of Suessical…Students, led by the Amazingly Talented Ms. AeJa
and her team Ms Jen Rivera, and Coach Scott did a fantastic job…So very
proud to be part of an exceptional school with exceptional talent! Go Wildcats!
— Moses Gomez

Love Ms. AeJa! Great music teacher, great friend and coworker!!! The kids love her and so do I!!  — Lisa Milian

Love, Love, Love, working with AeJa. She is always smiling, and brings great joy to our school community. It is a pleasure to also count AeJa as a true friend!
— Kathy McDermott

What a beautiful thing you and the student did yesterday at the senior center. This was Mis’s first year, and she was moved by the experience. So was I! Just Beautiful!!!
— Annika (Mia’s mom)

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Dear Ms. Aeja,
It's been such a long time since we last spoke, and I hope we can catch up in person soon. You are the most inspiring mentor i have ever had. Middle school was a diverse learning experience for me because I looked forward to choir, glee, and musical theatre everyday. I found a big part of myself when performing, as I was able to express myself through these forms of art. You were my biggest supporter since I was six years old, and I can't thank you enough. You have done so much for me as a performer, and as a student.Teachers like you are the reason I love the arts, because you are so dedicated to what you teach. You always rooted for me behind the stage, helped me reach my performance goals, and helped me to find the confidence to be a star on-stage. I accomplished so much because of your direction and support. I miss performing, and I haven't done much of it since I was 13; I will be turning 16 in January. I would love to hear about what you are up to now. I miss you. I loved playing Ms. Hannigan, Dr. Suess, and everything in between. Expressing myself onstage was unbelievably fulfilling. Playing characters, and being on-stage is the most fun I've ever had. Now, I have taken more interest in film and being behind the camera, though I still love acting. I spent the summer at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco learning about painting and screenwriting, and it made me realize I need to get back to doing what I love all the time, which is art. So I've decided to apply to the Idyllwild Arts Academy, where I can combine an art education with a regular curriculum. I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out the recommendation for attached, as my arts reference. If you are able to do so, I would need a digital copy of the form by December 8th. It's a short form. I feel you know me very well, as you've taught me the skills that have allowed me to be everything from a singer, to n actress. Thank you so much for everything, and I would love to keep in touch. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the letter or anything else. :)
Chantel Stelliga

In the short time I have spent taking lessons with Mrs.AeJa, we have accomplished so much. In the beginning of just my first lesson with her, we distinguished a goal, and have been working towards it ever since. She has a pristine knowledge of music theory and ways to exercise the voice for maximum growth. I enjoy seeing her every week. I admire her patience and respect her motivative teaching style. — Mary Majors

For the past six years I have had the joy of working with Ms. Aeja in the art of piano, and for the past four years she has also taught me singing. Every lesson I have with her is a step closer of mastering my craft. She uses unique singing exercises that help me improve my vocal range, vibrato, and opening my diaphragm. Every single lesson is tailored to the specific student, and she picks and chooses exercise that perfectly suit you in both singing and piano. It is clear that she loves what she is doing and she wants you to succeed, and that motivation really kept me going through some hard pieces. She doesn't just teach you how to play the piano or sing a song, she teaches you how to be a performer, a skill that will be useful for years to come. In 5, 10, or even 15 years, I will always remember what Ms. AeJa has taught and done for me, because she helped me improve and succeed in ways I never even imagined!

Kevin Stovich
8th Grade Student at WVMS
6 year student of The Music In You

It was an AMAZING show, AeJa!!! Everything was wonderful, the costumes,the sets, the lighting, the music, the singing, and most of all, the magnificentenergy your cast put on that stage. It was such a feel good show!!!I do have to say your casting was right on…..every part seemed like it was made for the each actor. Great Job!!!!! I was also very impressed with my Gianna. I couldn’t believe how much her voice has improved!!! I was floored. Her confidence, voice projection, and acting…..such a difference. After hearing all the compliments after the show, Gianna told me, maybe I can do Broadway! I know you have a lot to do with her growth. Thank you so much for being such a positive teacher and mentor for her. It truly means a lot to all of us.
Cathy Jelic

Watching AeJa work with our daughter has been such an incredible experience. Her patience and her ability to take raw, wild and untamed talent and sculpt it to become something of immense beauty was far beyond what we could have expected. AeJa has a gentle and direct teaching style which incorporates music & vocal theory, dedicated work, lots of love and fun!

She taught our daughter to not only control and hone her voice, but to control and tame her emotions and use her talents in powerful and meaningful ways. Then she took her talent and pushed her to reach even higher by coaching her through talent showcases and competitions where our daughter had to learn to control her voice and emotions in intensely challenging and competitive situations - something she could not have managed without AeJa at her side. AeJa is the epitome of grace under pressure as she coaches and teaches.

AeJa is truly a master at the art of vocal coaching and we highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to go after their dreams and is lucky enough to get the chance to work with her.

With Best Regards,

​Shelley Swapp

I have known of Ms. AeJa Mortensen since 2009 when she came to work for Action Day Primary Plus, Primary Plus Elementary and West Valley Middle School as our head music teacher. I had the good fortune to work closely with her roughly 7 years ago while she produced musicals for West Valley Middle School.  I work for the Corporate Office and was asked to assist “Ms. AeJa” with the lighting elements of the performance.  Because of my role, it required me to become familiar with the musicals, thus sat through many of the rehearsals learning the cues.  I had the privilege of observing Ms. AeJa in her interactions with the children; her kindness, patience, and humor as she encouraged them, taught and guided them and really built them up. In addition, she was a creative genius with the props and set up of the show.  She had a drum dance that brought the whole audience to their feet, using large exercise balls as drums, neon colors and black lights. She produced super successful, entertaining shows, really bringing out the best in the students.  Such a gifted teacher, and so beloved by all.

In 2013, Ms. AeJa started working as a vocal coach with my daughter Alexis Nicosia, who had no musical background, just a love for music and singing.  Initially when Alexis began with Ms. AeJa, she did not wish to sing solo.  Ms. AeJa has such a way with her students. She encourages, rather than pressures them and definitely brings out the best and creates situations to allow each and every one of them to grow.  In my daughter’s case, Ms. AeJa created a musical group “Glo” and my daughter thrived.  She then found local events for them to “shine” at and built their confidence in the process, singing the National Anthem at Tree Lighting Ceremonies, San Jose Giant’s game, and National Fencing Championships to name a few.  From there, she had the group participate in local competitions.  Once the comfort was there, Ms. AeJa asked my daughter if she would go to Los Angeles with her to compete in the Big Talent Showcase.  Because she had developed such a relationship of trust, my daughter jumped on the opportunity, regardless of the fact she had never sang by herself.  The President at Nova Talent International who was heading up the “Showcase” wanted my daughter to participate in more than just the singing component, so Ms. AeJa worked with Alexis weekly to prepare her.  Together they created an acting commercial, a monologue, 2 songs to perform and taught her how to walk on a stage.  Watching her from the audience in front of all of the talent scouts and specialists in the music industry, my daughter definitely stood out.  She sang like she had done it a million times, acted, modeled, and even took home a trophy for top model, and signed with a recording producer; having the opportunity to create music that is on spotify and itunes.  There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this incredible growth, confidence, and newly discovered talent would not have happened had it not been for Ms. AeJa Mortensen.  I share our experience to emphasize the extra steps Ms. AeJa will go to help a child grow, develop and shine.  She does not reserve this energy she invested strictly for my daughter – she goes above and beyond for EVERY student who has the privilege to work with her, which is why she has the remarkable reputation she does within our community.   I would highly recommend her for any post in which she can share both her musical talent, and gifts in bringing out the best in her students. 

Kathie D'Avolio

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